How to Stay Home but Stay Fit

How to Stay Home but Stay Fit

Staying at home has proven to be challenging for many. Without regular access to our friends and family, it is easy to fall into sedentary habits. With rising Covid-19 cases, however, it’s important to stay at home as much as possible to avoid spreading the virus. Many gyms and fitness centers have closed, which for some, means the end to an exercise plan. However, it’s crucial to keep moving to help maintain productivity levels and keep our bodies healthy.

Thankfully, there are many ways to workout at home — even with no equipment. Here are our tips for staying home but staying fit.

Online fitness classes

Many gyms that closed are now offering their classes online. If you have a membership, your gym has probably emailed you about the different options. If you don’t have a membership, there are many free online classes that you can take. Check out this list of free online exercise classes now offered during Covid-19.

Workout at your own rate

If classes aren’t for you, try creating your own plan. Start with a simple warmup exercise to get your heart rate going. This could be a walk outside or even a short walk around the house. Next, try an aerobic exercise such as jumping jacks, burpees, running up and down the stairs, or jumping in place to get your heart rate elevated. Add in some strength-building exercises next such as squats, pushups, ab crunches, and weights (or substitute household items for weights). You want to also add in some flexibility training with yoga poses – think planking. Then cool down with light cardio. Try to do circuits with the aerobic, strength-training, and flexibility for a total of 30-40 minutes with a five minute warm up and cool down on either side of the workout.

Use an app

There are many apps that help with working out. Alternatively, using a pedometer to track steps will make you realize how much or little you are moving around the house. Starting by just tracking steps can help you work up to a more intense workout.

Tools like FitnessBuilder can help you create your own workout based equipment you have (or don’t have) around the house. There are also ready-made workouts if you just want ideas on what to do. If you need motivation, Workout Trainer offers some free guided workouts and shows you how to do each exercise.

Go outside 

Luckily, many of us are still able to get outside and enjoy fresh air, but we just need to make sure to practice social distancing. If your neighborhood is quiet, going for a run, bike ride, or walk is perfectly OK – just maintain a distance of six feet from anyone else. Now that it’s slightly warming up, this could be a great way to take a break from being stuck inside. 

Staying healthy during uncertain times such as these is very important. In addition to some form of exercise daily, be sure to practice healthy eating habits, when possible. Read our tips on unhealthy eating traps to avoid falling into now that you’re home more often.

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