How to Manage Fatigue?

How to Manage Fatigue

Fatigue is a term used to describe a physical or mental state that makes an individual feel an overwhelming sense of tiredness and lack of energy. Many people suffer from a tiredness feeling, which can have an underlying cause. It’s always crucial to speak with your doctor if you feel tired all the time.

Causes of Fatigue

Your lifestyle choices, mental health conditions, and physical health problems can contribute to fatigue. It can be due to any of the following reasons:  

  • Anemia 
  • Pain 
  • Cancer 
  • Eating problems
  • Depression 
  • Poor sleep
  • Poor nutrition 
  • Thyroid issues (underactive or overactive thyroid) 
  • Diabetes 
  • Dehydration 
  • Drugs, such as antidepressants

Management of Fatigue 

Fatigue can make it difficult for you to live your life to the fullest. Therefore, it is essential to make some better lifestyle choices that can help you fight fatigue. 

Here is what you can do to reduce fatigue:


Working out is one of the effective ways to get rid of tiredness and boost your energy levels. A study found out that moderate-intensity exercise helped reduce fatigue in cancer survivors. Keeping yourself active when you are exhausted can be challenging. Therefore, you can start exercising when you have enough energy in your body. Moreover, indulging in too much exercise can be harmful too.  


Besides being physically active, it is essential to have a good sleep at night. Avoid taking unnecessary naps during the day. Try to have a sleeping schedule in which you sleep and wake up at the same time. Before sleeping, do not have mind stimulators, such as caffeine. Additionally, you can try to relax your mind and body before bedtime for better sleep. 


Yoga is another way to keep yourself mentally and physically active. Many yoga poses are best for peopl​​e who are dealing with fatigue. Some poses need to be overlooked by a yoga teacher or advisor. You can start having yoga in the morning and night before bedtime. It also helps you feel relaxed. 


Relaxing your body and mind plays an essential role in getting rid of some of the fatigue. For relaxation, you can indulge in light activities, such as having a 10-minute stroll in the park. You can also sit with your friends and family and spend time with them. Listening to music or reading your favorite book can also keep you relaxed. 


One way to fight against constant tiredness is to start having healthy eating habits. Provide your body with energy in the morning by having cereals in breakfast as they are rich in carbohydrates. Eat vegetables, fruits, lean meat, and dairy products containing low fat. Moreover, try to have six mini-meals throughout the day to provide a constant boost of energy to your body. 

Taking Care of Mental Health

Having a psychological illness can take its toll on your body. Therefore, taking care of mental health is crucial in your fight against fatigue. You can keep a journal and write about your feelings and things for which you are grateful. Keep yourself in the company of people who love and support you. Talk to a mental health counselor for professional help.

It can be hard to deal with fatigue. Understand what your body needs to become active and energetic.

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