How to Stick with New Year’s Resolutions Past January

How to Stick with New Year’s Resolutions Past January

The most common resolutions are to hit the gym and improve your diet. And while many of us can handle that through January, the research found that we often give up on resolutions near the end of the month. So how can you avoid falling into that trap of quitting a new year’s resolution?

First, understanding why you made the goal in the first place can help. Having a healthy diet and regular exercise plan truly improves your vascular health. Those that stick to this see lower blood pressure, less stress, reduced risk of diabetes, and more benefits. Second, some tips help keep you motivated regarding diet and exercise, so try these before giving up on 2022 resolutions.

Make realistic and measurable goals

Rapid weight loss is actually very unhealthy, so avoid trying to lose 40 pounds in one month. With a healthy diet and regular exercise, something more along the lines of one pound per week is achievable but won’t make you miserable. Try making a measurable goal of cooking four or five healthy meals per week and check off on a list each time you do it. If you want to quit smoking, talk to your doctor about how to cut down on tobacco use in a feasible way. Talk to your physician about your goals to make sure you can measure the effects, and it is a healthy achievement. 

It’s OK to Reward Yourself

It can sometimes be easier to stick to a plan if we have a reward system in place. A reward doesn’t even have to be food-related, but it could be treating yourself to something you’ve wanted to buy. For example, if you complete five workouts in a week, you get your reward! 

Establish Accountability

Resolutions can quickly go off the rails if we rely only on ourselves to achieve them. It’s a good idea to have a friend or family member there for support and help you when you want to start veering off track. This person can also aid in the motivation department when it feels like the resolution is too difficult.

Remember You’re Human

These past few years have been difficult on everyone, so don’t beat yourself up if you slip up on your resolution. It’s OK! We have busy lives, so it can easily happen that you miss out on a workout or just really need a dessert. Forgive yourself and then get back on track without dwelling on the mistake.

Talk to your Doctor

If you ever make a health-related resolution, always check with your physician. They can help you with resources and chat about achieving your goals. It’s important that your doctor knows about health goals to understand if they are realistic and any side effects on your health conditions or medications. 

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