Helpful Mental Health Apps

Helpful Mental Health Apps

Mental health should always be a priority, and it’s essential to ask for help when you need it. With deteriorating mental health occurring worldwide and alarmingly rising levels of mental illnesses, many organizations want to ensure that support is readily available to anyone who needs it. These mental health apps make therapy available to all, even those who cannot leave their house, and assist throughout your journey towards wellness.

While these mental wellness resources help deal with stress, you should consider talking to a professional if you need additional help. Along with this, practicing self-care and meditation also helps improve mental health.

Why Use a Mental Health App?

Accessibility is a significant advantage when it comes to using mental health apps. Whether you cannot travel to an in-person meeting or have a hectic schedule, these mental health apps make it easier to find care.

Some of these apps offer coaching sessions, which are not a replacement for traditional mental health therapy but help you cope with stressors and make it easier for you to get your daily activities done. Some mental health apps might even refer you to a professional nearby if needed.

These apps might help you access expert advice by connecting you to therapists in the area. Others offer daily reminders or mood trackers to help you keep track of your mental health. Your therapist might suggest such apps to help them keep track of your mood variations and design your treatment plan. 

Helpful Mental Health Apps

Though these mental health apps are valuable resources to get the help you need, they do not diagnose or treat your mental health conditions. These apps can help you find a professional and might have an additional effect on your treatment plan suggested by your therapist.

Moodkit: Based on cognitive behavioral therapy, MoodKit is a helpful app designed by clinical psychologists that helps manage stress and track your mood. It is a test-based proven app that lets you change negative thoughts.

Talkspace: To make it easier for you to access a therapist, Talkspace is an affordable option for those who want help but cannot afford in-person therapy or need 24/7 assistance. 

Headspace: Meditation helps you deal with mild forms of depression and anxiety, and this app offers a variety of meditations catered to your needs.

BetterHelp: BetterHelp is a popular therapy app that provides affordable therapy customized to your needs and licensed therapists to help you deal with your mental illnesses.

Calm: With breathing and calming exercises, Calm is a helpful app that might serve as a tool for you to deal with anxiety and insomnia. It comes with a wide range of stories that might help you get your mind off of stressors and help you relax and fall asleep.

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