Beneficial Habits For Healthy Veins

Beneficial Habits For Healthy Veins

Veins play a critical role in your overall health. These blood vessels take the blood back to the heart, so building habits that help maintain your veins’ health and prevent veins disorders is critical. Following are some habits that will help you in achieving healthy veins.

Drink water

Dehydration may cause your blood to thicken, increasing the risk of clotting and insufficiency. Drinking an adequate amount of water thins out your blood, so blood flows freely through the veins. In addition, water also increases muscle strength, supporting your veins. Symptoms like swelling and bloating are signs of dehydration and inefficient blood flow. 

Do not use tobacco

Smoking is not only harmful to your lungs but also has an extremely harmful effect on your veins. Smoking adds toxic chemicals to your bloodstream, because of which your blood thickens and veins narrow. This results in higher chances of blood clots. Research shows that smoking is a leading cause of cardiovascular diseases across the globe.

Reduce salt intake

Salt may cause your body to retain water. This excess fluid can accumulate in your veins and cause venous insufficiency. In addition, high salt intake also increases blood pressure, which can cause damage to veins. Research shows that high salt intake can cause cardiovascular as well as renal disorders. 

Maintain a healthy diet

It is very important to maintain a healthy balanced diet for proper circulation. Obesity can lead to many weakened valves or blocked veins in the legs. Increase your fibre and vitamin C consumption which are important for the dilation of your veins.

Wear compressing stockings if advised

Compressing stockings apply light pressure over your veins that help the blood flow back to the heart by contacting muscles and veins. Compressive stockings are highly recommended for people who spend most of their time standing up and are at risk for vein conditions.

Elevate your legs

Elevate your legs occasionally to help the blood flow back to the heart. Long hours of standing may cause inflammation in your veins, and elevating your legs helps to overcome this problem.

Stay out of the heat when possible

Keep in mind that long hours of exposure to the sun can cause vein enlargement and blood pooling over time. This can lead to blood clots and venous insufficiency.

Keep moving and regular exercise

Keep your body moving to maintain healthy veins and an overall healthy lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the leading causes of varicose veins.

Exercise helps improve blood circulation, strengthens the body, and improves blood flow. Swimming and yoga are great exercises that benefit your blood circulatory system. 

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