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A brief update of our current practice situation

In this time of extreme stress for the medical system and for our patients, we are all trying to maintain the utmost quality in patient care. Because of the limitations on us imposed by the COVID-19 quarantine, we are keeping an office staff that is one-fourth to one-half of our usual number. However, the physicians are available for consultations of acute and subacute vascular problems. We will be instituting a telemedicine service for consultations that don’t require face-to-face evaluation. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to learn more about telemedicine services.

Furthermore, to fulfill a need in the inability to perform semi-urgent procedures in the hospital setting, we are keeping our office-based angiography suite open. Here we can perform interventions necessary for acute vascular care in an outpatient setting, with minimum exposure for patients and staff. 

We understand that dialysis patients present a unique challenge in maintaining function and access for treatments. Therefore, the office angiography suite is available for this and also for urgent dialysis unit consultations and interventions. 

Finally, because of the need to evaluate patients urgently and semi-urgently for vascular conditions, our vascular ultrasound lab will be functioning, as needed. Again, this will be carried out with the minimum exposure of patients to staff and providers 

Hoping to see you all soon in a healthier time! 

Daniel Leary MD, Julio Alvarez MD, William Bevilacqua MD, Joyce Lin MD


Download this letter in PDF format here 

Learn more about telemedicine appointments

Please review this video and FAQ on how we will conduct telemedicine appointments.