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With the opening of our new location, we have expanded our services to include single-site care for the diagnosis and treatment of arterial and venous diseases. Vascular Associates of WNY now offers assessment and care, diagnostic ultrasound services, and endovascular, minimally invasive treatment on site. We make it easy for our patients and their families to navigate their vascular healthcare needs without the impediment of multiple sites and appointments.

It is still necessary to see your primary medical doctor and other consultants prior to the procedure, our patients do not need to worry about traveling to another medical facility for treatment.

In-office procedures include

  • Simple diagnostic angiography
  • Treatment of blockages with balloon angioplasty
  • Stent placement and removal of plaque with atherectomy
  • All types of venous procedures
    • Vein ablation
    • Vein stenting
    • Vena Cava filter placement

All procedures are performed under intravenous sedation in a safe and expeditious manner. One-one-one post-procedural care means our patients are safely and comfortably looked after by our experienced staff.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Angiography Suite

Are in-office procedures safe?

Yes. In-office vascular procedures offer the same or greater safety levels than hospital settings. All emergency care support is available if necessary. Our staff is also trained and experienced in advanced cardiac life support.

How long will I need to stay after the procedure?

Typically patients have to stay between two-to-three hours after the procedure. During this bed rest, our staff will monitor the patient’s condition. Since most procedures are completed with a closure device, this shortens the need for prolonged bed rest. Our staff will ensure you are comfortable with snacks and the option to watch TV while resting.

What other advantages of in-office procedures?

  • No large hospital copay; instead, patients will pay a specialist office copay.
  • Personal communication with your doctor and staff 24/7.

For patients interested in learning more about our in-office angiography suite, please contact us.

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