Tips to Keep Going with New Year’s Resolutions

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Need help setting resolutions for the new year? Thinking about making a significant change can be a daunting task. However, with realistic goals, you can enter 2023 with solid and achievable resolutions. Here are a few tips that can help.

Start with realistic expectations 

New year’s resolutions should not be so intense that they will be nearly impossible to achieve. Alternatively, bigger goals should be able to be broken up into manageable milestones. For instance, instead of trying to hit the gym every single day, start with light exercise first daily and work your way up from there.

Prepare for the new year

Make a list of resolutions before the new year. Your mindset plays a significant role in deciding your goals, and you need to look into what you want and then plan. Try to consider what you want to do each month as you work towards your larger goals and feel refreshed and ready to begin on January 1st.

Share goals with friends

Discuss your resolutions with your loved ones. Tell them how you look forward to seeing a positive change in yourself. The support from your friends and family can act as positive reinforcement in your journey towards betterment. 

Give yourself a reward 

Celebrate your success as you move into the new year and follow your resolutions. Rewarding yourself can act as a good push. Make sure that your reward does not nullify the effects of your goal. For example, if you are trying to wake up early in the morning, do not disturb your new routine by staying up late. Instead, visit a park with your friend or take a solo trip to your favorite place. 

Stick with it

It can be challenging, but patience and persistence are necessary if you want your resolution to become a part of your daily life. According to experts, a new activity becomes a habit after 21 days and instills in your personality after six months. 

Keep track of your progress 

Your success matters, even if it is small. Small goals, such as exercising for 30 minutes instead of two hours, can be easy to achieve. Your motivation will remain intact as you continue to stay on those goals. Use a journal to write about your progress and reward yourself when you achieve your goal. 

Go easy on yourself 

There will be days when you may need help to do exactly what your goal requires. And that’s okay! Do not obsess over it; instead, focus on what you can do best to stay on track. While you are at it, be easy on yourself. 

Do not give up!

Keep trying even if you do not have the energy to carry with your goal anymore and want to give up. Give yourself a break and start working on it again. Continue working on your goal for a day at least, and it will help you build up your motivation. 

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